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Why WEictory is best fit for you?

Trained and Experienced Tutors

Only a few clear the selection test and make it to our team. We value the wisdom that comes with experience thus our team consists of tutors with at least 5 years or more of experience.

Learn from Anywhere & Anytime

Reinventing the classroom experience. The power of anytime, anywhere learning on any of your devices. Every session is recorded in high resolution so that you can revise in case you missed out something.

Collaborate and Share

Edit, draw, plot, ask and share content with your tutors in real-time and experience the benefits of hassle-free learning right from your laptop.

Personalised Tutors

Select a tutor that best fits your learning style from our team of experienced teachers or one of our team can match you with a tutor based on your requirement.

One-to-One Online Live Tutoring by Subject Experts

My physics tutor was extremely helpful and friendly. He made our lessons easy to comprehend. I learned a lot and would definitely recommend WEictory academy to those who need additional support in their academic subjects.

Sameul- Greensprings school , Nigeria

Every class will boost your Knowledge

We equip tutors with the knowledge, training, and resources to ensure every online lesson communicates their knowledge and experience to boost your grades.

Weictory Online academy has a structured approach to all its programs and the dedication of the tutors has improved my daughter’s score in math and economics significantly and she has moved up two grades to A.

Parent Review

Delve into details of One to One Tutoring

Exam-Killer Revision Course
(Live Sessions)

I had learned everything but lost all focus because of stress. This revision course gave me the confidence I needed and by the end of it, I felt completely prepared for my exam.

William John-Blackwood High School, South Australia

WEictory made such a fundamental difference in the exam preparation of my son! The whole concept is so unique because the tutors know exactly he is going through!! The sessions gave him reassurance and confidence and I am very grateful!


Parent Review

Seats still available,explore your curriculum and start learning.

Comprehensive Weekend Course
(Live Sessions)

Biology gave me tough time to understand the concepts then I started Comprehensive weekend course as in weekdays I was busy in school and assignments. Within a few lessons I was caught up and feeling a lot more confident. Thank you Weictory online academy for my academic growth.

Sukrit Naidu, indus valley school Hyderabad

I saw my child struggling in school and having no free time to study better. That is when I decided to enroll him in the CWC program at WEictory academy. The teachers are so efficient he learns everything over the weekends and still has time for recreational activities, all while retaining every bit of information needed to ace the examination. Thank you Weictory.

Parent review

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Our Tutors and Technology in Action

Our Tutors are trained and well equipped for online tutoring. We use animations, phet simulations, Texas Instruments, Casio Calculator, geogebra and desmos softwares to explain the concepts in detail. All our live sessions are recorded, so you can watch it anytime and anywhere.


Online Video Course

Not able to join our live courses?

WEictory Online Academy came up with a series of prerecorded courses, created by our excellent team of course tutors..

Looking for courses that you can follow at your own pace?

Courses are well planned and structured along with infographics,mind maps, MCQ and assignments which will lay the best foundation for you.


Trusted by Hundreds of Students and Parents

I am very happy with Mr. Ravi Kumar, India for Math HL & Mr. Raja Rao, India for Chemistry HL. Both of them helped me a lot and I am feeling more confident now in both the subjects.

Jennifer Lawrence
Max Pvt. ltd.

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Learning from world class teachers and Examiner.

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