Need to prepare for an Exam ?

Follow these steps to ensure your "WEictory".

Board examinations are just around the corner. Do you have a lot to learn and very limited time? Is stress and pressure invading your mental space? Here are exam preparation tips curated by our experienced teachers at WEictory that are guaranteed to come in handy for any student struggling to finish the syllabus.

1. Create a study plan

List down the subjects and topics, figure out the order of studying, chart out the days you have left and assign one to every subject strategically, frame the study time per day and don’t forget to plan breaks. Using a preparation blueprint to study will automatically save a great deal of time and energy that would have been wasted worrying. WEictory’s teachers are instructed to assist the student in any way during One-To-One tutoring, which includes helping them design a well thought out study plan to achieve their best performance

2. Organise the study space

Students focus and study the best when we are in a calm and comfortable environment. Turn off your phone, declutter your table and avoid fidgeting while studying to ensure minimum distraction. Figure out the best sitting position and space that suits you best and make changes accordingly. Our teachers also do their part by clearing their surrounding or use background blurring software so that students focus only on what is being taught.

3. Take regular breaks

Human brain functions at the most optimum level when it is given breaks periodically. Forcing ourselves to study when our mind is sleepy can only further drain your energy. So, take breaks, go for a walk and briefly close your eyes to rest them. We at WEictory heavily promote breaks and lend students multiple breaks in between our Comprehensive Weekend Course (CWC).

4. Make Use of Diagrams and Flowcharts

When revising for an exam, visualization techniques can give you that last quick glance through you need before an exam. Try making notes of all important points and then revise them before the exams. WEictory’s teachers understand student psychology perfectly and thus adapt their teaching style accordingly and use a lot of pictorial representations to explain concepts.

5. Study to Suit your Learning Style

Your learning style will help you understand what method of preparation suit you best. For instance, if you prefer auditory learning, you may benefit from recording your notes and then listening to them. On the other hand, if you prefer visual learning, pictorial representations and diagrammatic notes can help you remember better. So, explore your learning style so that you can memorise facts and figures better and faster. In our One-to-One online tutoring service, WEictory teachers help the students design the perfect study routine that adapts to their learning style and ensures efficiency

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