WEictory Academy: A golden ticket to acing international curriculums

Segment-best tutors, the widest range of courses, competitive course prices, and the highest student ratings are some of the features that differentiate WEictory Academy from the plethora of online tutoring services available in the market but there is still one more distinct feature we possess, that other do not: Passion.

The passion to see our students soar high, the passion to provide the best services, and the passion that has led to the creation of this academy. This is the very passion that enables us at WEictory academy to run at the most reasonable prices in the industry and provide a range of absolutely free study resources for IGCSE, A-LEVEL & IBDP curriculums. Mathematics, Physics, Biology, and the other subjects taught in the Cambridge International Syllabus all available under one roof, with the best teachers at the best rates.

We run courses for every student’s need, Exam-Killer Revision courses for those wanting to get a detailed brush through of the entire syllabus, Comprehensive Weekend Course (CWC) for those who need extra practice, assistance, and exam-preparation from experienced tutors and One-To-One tutoring for those who need face-to-face interactions and Live classes with professional teachers. We feel it is our responsibility to provide without questioning and that is why our website has a range of freely available resources like

  1. IGCSE, A-LEVEL & IBDP Past Papers for Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.
  2. Practice Worksheets.
  3. A News-letter to keep up with the latest and greatest in the International Curriculum.
  4. Topic-Wise IGCSE, A-LEVEL & IBDP study-notes.

Join us, and experience the true form of Online Learning. Demo Sessions available for $7/- at https://weictoryacademy.com/

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