Wondering how to cope with low grades? 

WEictory has the answer for you.

You didn’t prepare well for your exam and now you’ve scored a bad grade. Your heart sinks to the bottom, your skin turns pale, and your mouth goes dry. You don’t know what is to be blamed—you, your circumstances or your teachers? You might even shed a tear or two. Getting a bad grade is a part of everyone’s academic life and dealing with bad grades can definitely be a grieving process by itself. Understanding your short comings and building over them is a formidable, yet oddly insightful phase. The most important part is moving past the disappointment and planning your next move better.

IGCSE and ALEVEL results were recently released and we understand some students might be having a hard time digesting their marks, thus WEictory Academy brings you the best tips to cope with low grades after understanding the situation from hundreds of students whom we have coached.


1. Give yourself time to proces

People often say forget this exam just try harder next time. They say it is pointless dwelling on the past. But as a student, allowing yourself to wallow in that grief and despondence can sometimes help you gain the perspective you need to face the next challenge.

2.Calculate and evaluate

should think over your performance in that particular subject for the past few exams. Try estimating and analysing the role a bad grade can play in places like your college admission, predicted marks, or semester grades. Think about the minimum work you would need to put in to cover up the grade in the future and ensure you achieve that mark. This way, you’ll be reassured about your future performance and will get the incentive and optimism to work harder and give it your 100%.

3.Keep calm and carry on

After you’re done thinking and calculating everything in your mind, it’s time to take a deep breath and move on. Forgive and forget so you don’t let that one bad grade inhibit your future performance. Your response to it will impact your performance next time. Do not beat yourself over it, accept, learn and never look back.

4.Work on your gaps

After identifying those potential weaknesses, spend time working on how you could remedy them in future using specific strategies that would best address your problems. Your strategies must be targeted specifically toward your need. Practice regularly so you perfect your gaps! Even though you may not be rewarded instantaneously, you will surely reap the benefits of putting in the work eventually.

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